Kela’s Healing Hands

Kela’s Healing Hands is a line that is completely dedicated to pure organic skincare. We strive to create versatile, effective, extremely high quality and cost friendly products that will benefit you as a whole; mind, body & spirit. We create products the way Mother Earth intended them to be. Simple, and so pure you could eat it!


A gentle light weight powder that helps extend the wear of your makeup while improving skin clarity and texture. Great for Every skin tone, hypoallergenic, doesn’t clog pores, repairs and prevents acne, balances oily skin, locks in moisture and leaves a beautiful soft focus glow! When used together with Crystal Therapy Cream a protective SHIELD is formed that will help keep your skin cells nourished and fostered from toxic makeup and or environmental damage.


Dewy Glow (12g)


Invisible (14g)


Sun Kissed (12g)