Crystal Therapy Cream & Shield

“I have chronic hives and it helps with the itching and pain almost immediately.”
Susan Hansen on December 15, 2013

Love this cream! I have chronic hives and it helps with the itching and pain almost immediately.
Susan Hansen

I used to only use an expensive (about $40) Mac cream on my face. I was a bit hesitant, but I tried some Crystal Therapy Cream on my face and have found that it is just as good and is so much more affordable!
Kris Wade

I came across this cream and thought I would give it a try. I too am a master esthetician and have formulated my own products. I find that they are better than the mass produced, many ingredient facial products. I do wonder what “crystal essence” is though. This cream is wonderful. I put it on and waited about 5 minutes before brushing on SHIELD. I have had a nice dewy glow all day.

My 4yr old son started having an irritation in a delicate area, I tried using diaper rash cream which resulted in him screaming that it burned. We washed it off and used some other products, nothing seemed to be helping. I remembered that I could use my face cream, the Citrine cream, on cuts and burns so I put some on him. He was finally soothed and within an hour stopped complaining about it. By the next day he was doing much better!
Michelle Ficker

I bought the crystal therapy sampler and I love them all! I have had a dreadful time keeping my hands moisturized this last year. I picked up gardening and none of my past products were working. This product provides both the gentle exfoliation and moisturizing I needed with no slick or oily film left once it’s absorbed….and without the petroleum in the jelly!!!
Danya Dale

“This product provides both the gentle exfoliation and moisturizing I needed.”
Danya Dale on December 1, 2013

I LOVE the combo of the Cream with Shield over it on my face! It feels like I’m feeding my skin with wonderful skin food and protecting it from all the environmental nastiness around me. I don’t ever break out from wearing this combo, even if I go to sleep without washing it off. Even in the heat of the summer, wearing the Crystal Therapy Cream covered with Shield kept my face & my makeup nice & smooth at a friend’s outdoor wedding. I like having the different varieties of Shield, too, depending on my mood.
Angie. S

I received three jars of Kela´s Healing Hands. It has helped my dry skin like no other. I spend a lot of money on expensive creams this cream is much better and less expensive. Recently I developed a rash in the back of one of my ears. It was bothering me so much I made an appointment to see a dermatologist. The day before the appointment I decided to try Crystal Therapy Cream even though I did not think it would help. The next morning I was on the phone cancelling my appointment…”
Rosi. P

I have very sensitive skin. Back in December I did some garden work outside and forgot to wear a hat. The part of my face that was exposed to sunlight the most got burned and the next day I developed two spots on my face. I went to see a dermatologist who prescribed a soothing cream which I used for several days with no results. Then my son brought me a jar of this Kela´s cream and told me to try it. The cream made the spots disappear in three days. Now I use it for everything.
Rogelia. M

I have been diagnosed with Cholinergic Urticaria. My sister gave me a jar of her cream and told me to try it. Whenever I have an outbreak I apply some of it on my stomach and arms right after I take a shower. The cream helps me reduce the itching and the number of red spots. It doesn´t take away the allergy but it helps more than other creams I have tried.
Pablo. S

Wow! I tried your Onyx cream today, it is so yummy, feels so yummy & smells sooooo yummy! It’s beyond amazing, thanks for making such incredible products! I can’t wait to try the others, thank for making that cute lil sample pack of all of them, dang… You Rock!
Crystal. B

“It’s beyond amazing, thanks for making such incredible products!”
Crystal Betterton on May 24, 2013

I have been alternating your moisturizers and love them! One small application on my damp face after washing is enough to drench my dry skin and make it feel nourished. Thanks so much for creating these great products.
Ann. K

When you can put on a face lotion that makes you feel and look instantly younger, healthier, breathe a little better, are more relaxed, grounded, and ready to spread your wings a little further, then you know you have just put on Crystal Therapy Cream! It’s like white creamy buttery chocolate pudding for ALL my skin, that penetrates its goodness and brings out my Goddess-ness.

I am amazed at these products and the loving research and inspiration that no doubt went into creating these uniquely healing, beautifying, and balancing skin creations.
Tika. B

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your products!! It is the only thing I use. I recommend it to everyone. I also gave the sample packs to my friends for Christmas gifts and they all want more! =)
Wendy. C

Thanks for the little sample! I used it on my hands first, my hands drank it in, so I used it on my arms next, ahh! It is delicious! No, I didn’t eat it but I probably can – hah! I used it on my lips too. Love the smell, love the feel of it, love the ingredients. Nice brand and packaging. Nice website. Your product rocks:)
Leslie. S

I have really enjoyed your Therapy Cream. Nice texture and scents that absorb well into your skin. The ingredients are great.
Tana. B

“I love knowing that all the ingredients are pure and clean!”
Chelsea Hansen on June 14, 2012

I will definitely be ordering from you in the future! I am an esthetician at a holistic spa and love using the Amethyst cream with my microdermabrasion treatments. It heals the skin nicely and gives a healthy glow right after the treatment. My clients are always thrilled with how hey look when they leave!
Amanda. S

I just wanted to say that I just love this stuff. I felt special when I recieved my order so quickly and with the free sample of Sun Kissed Shield which is also wonderful. I look forward to telling everyone about Kela’s and carrying it in my store. Thanks much, lots of Sunshine to you too!!!
Rebecca. P

I have very dry skin, especially my legs. Applying just a little bit on each leg provided instant relief and an amazing scent. I love knowing that all the ingredients are pure, clean and support the earth rather than strip it!
Chelsea. H

I have truly enjoyed using Kela’s Crystal Therapy Cream to sooth my dry skin or chapped lips. I love the smooth texture, it is so easy to apply. I am such a believer in the energies that surrounds us and I truly feel the uplifting and grounding energies these creams give me. I will be a loyal lifetime customer.
Vivi. M

I was going through a really rough emotional time. I started using the Onyx Crystal Therapy Cream and noticed how much calmer I felt. It felt as though the negative emotional energy was dissipating. Thank you Kela’s Collection!
Nancy. L