About Me

I have always had a natural passion for Mother Earth. She graces us with her beauty. She nurtures us with her food and shelter. She grants us life with her water and heals us with her loving energy.

Of all the miraculous creations on our planet, the one that has always fascinated me the most are Earth’s stones and crystals. What flowers are to plants, crystals are to rocks. Created with time, force, heat and energy, they are each unique and equally stunning. More than just aesthetically pleasing, stones and crystals hold in them unique vibrations that have been used since the beginning of time to heal the mind, body and spirit.

My fascination with stones and crystals started at a very young age. My parents will recall me picking up and saving “special stones.” I can remember at 8 or 9 years old, I would take apart my mothers jewelry and try to put it back together just to play with the beads. I loved touching the metal, wood, stones, and crystals. Interestingly, I naturally avoided handling plastic and other “fake” stuff.

I understand now that what I was craving was an energetic frequency that only natural elements can give. I believe we all have an innate sense and craving for high vibration energy that only nature provides.

I have created these products in an effort to share Mother Earth’s message of nurturing love. Each product offered has been specifically formulated to synergize a variety of Earth’s healing properties. In a conscience effort to preserve and capture these healing properties, the beautiful ingredients used in all of Kela’s Collection are always of the highest and purest quality available.

I invite you to pamper yourself with our products and to feel and enjoy Mother Earth’s nurturing love.
Kela’s Healing Hands is a line designed to bring the healing power of nature from Earth’s hands to yours. The healing properties of crystals and stones have been infused, along with powerful herbs and oils to create crystal therapy cream. So safe and so pure you could eat it!

Raquel Salazar
Owner Kela’s Collection