Welcome to Kela’s Collection

Our products have been specifically formulated to synergize a variety of Earth’s healing properties. In a conscience effort to preserve and capture these healing properties, all the ingredients used in Kela’s Collection are always of the highest and purest quality available. Our beautiful Mother Earth has graced us with the tools and ingredients to heal our mind, body, and soul. We are forever grateful to her for her unconditional nurturing love. We offer our products, from Earth’s hands to yours!

Live with purpose!

We believe that when living with purpose, even cosmetics and jewelry become an energetic message to the world. We hope you will feel our message of light and love and use it to strengthen your own personal message to the world. Whether you buy our products or not, we encourage you to shop consciously, always read ingredients, and trust your gut!

Introducing Kela’s Healing Hands

Kela’s Healing Hands is a line that is completely dedicated to pure organic skincare. We strive to create versatile, effective, extremely high quality and cost friendly products that will benefit you as a whole; mind, body & spirit. We create products the way Mother Earth designed them to be. Simple, and so pure you could eat it! We are so excited to have released our very first product, Crystal Therapy Cream. The healing properties of crystals and stones have been infused along with powerful herbs and oils to create this powerful yet gentle cream. We invite you to browse our site and read more about the amazing benefits of Crystal Therapy Cream.